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How to collect files and share project in After Effects?

I created 3 different openers using ➡️ YouTube Essential Library ⬅️This is a big pack, which contains all the most important things to be a cool YouTuber.

Let's go

Also in the project panel I created two folders with content. And I loaded them with photos and videos that I tried to use in my openers.

How to save a project properly so no files are lost?

If you want to save the entire project with all its content, go to File > Dependencies > Collect Files

In this window, select All (to include in the collection all the files that you have imported earlier) >Click Collect

Choose where to save the project > name it > click Save

Next, a folder with all the content of our pack automatically opens.There is the project file. And on the left there is the folder that contains all the files that we used while creating this project.

How to save only one certain composition? I don`t need to save the whole project

1. select a composition in the project panel. Other compositions and content that are not related to the selected composition will not be used in the collecting process.

2. Then Go to File > Dependencies > Reduce Project

3. we will get a pop-up window, in which it is said that files not related to our composition have been deleted. They also disappeared in the project panel.

There are only two videos left here that I use in my opener.

So, only the composition we needed remained in the project. We can also save it the same way we did earlier.

4. Go to File > Dependencies > Collect Files. Save the project.

5.In the drop-down window, select All

6. Сhoose where to save the project and name it. Click Save.

Done!The folder with these files can be sent to the customer 🙂 Hope you`ll find it useful

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