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How to create tutorials and educational videos

Hi, friend! If you intended to share your experience and create tutorials and educational videos, you might want to check a couple of our advice. Learn what’s the difference between types of educational videos; how to find your audience; make tutorials that will show up on the top pages and how the design can play a big role in the whole thing. Let’s start!Surveys show that viewers are 3X times more likely to watch a tutorial video over reading an article or instructions. Marketing agencies and brands are actively using this knowledge for many obvious reasons, so creating a tutorial video for any case, product or topic will always be a good idea.

The difference between the educational videos

Educational videos can differ from each other, so before creating one, you can decide what exactly you will make and what your audience is looking for.


A tutorial is probably the most common educational video; mostly easy and short, it’s a step-by-step lesson for the viewers to repeat some actions and manage the task. Many creators separate tutorials into several videos, so the audience is willing to interact with other videos and keep up with creator’s channel. Applies to any area or topic, but the best it to complete one particular task.


More complicated and detailed, instructional videos are usually used for complex topics and are given by professionals of the area. If this video is created for selling a product, instructions go to technical details and usage of the tool, and don’t require a step-by-step repeating of some actions.Amazing alternative to reading the manuals, instructional videos will be more involving and easier to comprehend. Prioritize visual elements over text to make the video more understandable.


Explainers are mostly similar to instructions, but they can also serve marketing purposes apart from giving technical details. Explainer video can be a great intro to your product or company and can be placed on the landing page of your website or Youtube. Explainers are proven to get more engagement and activity not just for companies and brands, but also for single editors.To make your explainer video even more engaging, you can create it as a 2D or 3D animation. The animation will make the explanation easier, even if this is a complicated topic and would be better than showing a bunch of dull infographics.


Presentations are informative videos that combine text, explanation speech and visual elements. Can play a great role in corporate culture and used by brands to give training to their employees.Also look good on YouTube format and used by many educational channels from language schools to scientific overviews. A good presentation should be organized and well planned, give the details and explanation of the topic. Used to name a problem and suggest a solution.

Attract and engage your audience

You should find a key to your audience, so your viewers will engage with the videos over and over again. Make your videos personal and recognized, by choosing the right platform and CTA.

Where is your audience?

If you know what you’ll teach your audience, you should probably have ideas where your audience is. YouTube, TikTok, Skillshare, Instagram or even Behance – all these platforms can greatly serve for creators, if you will engage your audience there. Consider the area you’re creating for, whether it’s more interactive or professional.

Apart from this, you should also decide in which format your videos will look best – short and dynamic vertical videos for TikTok, or longer horizontal videos in 4K for YouTube.  Even in you created videos for YouTube, you can grow your social media presence by running Instagram, Twitter, or any other account. This would be a great way to consistently attract a new audience from all over the internet and link the viewers to your main source.

Communication and CTA

Keep in mind that you’re creating a video for a human, so you shouldn’t keep it complicated and give dozens of details in 1 minute. Make pauses to describe something, refer to your other videos on this topic, involve with the audience, ask if this is interesting and understandable, ask them to write comments with their questions. Many people can actually have questions to ask or give some suggestions for your future videos, but they won’t give their feedback unless you encourage them. This will also help you to form a community of people, genuinely interested in your content and come back for your tutorials. As you record a lesson, you can give your viewers a home task, so they can consolidate their new skills. The more engaged they will be, the more knowledge they will take from your videos. Create interactive polls and groups to form a community among your audience. 

Know the sense of your video

Like in any other area, it shouldn’t be content just for content. Each of your videos should be actually useful and helpful, otherwise, people just won’t watch them. You might have seen the videos with long and mostly irritating intro part of the lesson, which viewers usually skip. Minimize the parts with “water” and give your audience handy skills to solve their problems – they will be grateful.

Involve from the beginning

You have just several seconds to grab your viewer’s attention, so don’t miss them. Make the beginning dynamic and clear, show the final result of your tutorial and say what your audience will achieve after watching this video. Here’s a detailed guide how to create engaging videos for YouTube people will click on and watch.

Tips to create an engaging video

Clear video

Plan your video ahead and write down what you’ll say and show. The information you give should be simple and easy to repeat(in case it’s a tutorial). Divide the video into 3 main parts: Introduction, Main Lesson and Wrap Up. But don’t spend to much time on the first and the last part, just give a quick slide into what you will do in this video and what’s the final result of it.

Easy navigation

If you have more than one tutorial, you can start forming those videos into a course, plan the steps your viewers should do and the knowledge they should achieve after each video. Create a starter intro, divide all lessons into chapters and link to each other. YouTube gives a great ability to pick the End Screens and Cards â€“ use them to connect the lessons to each other.

Recording and editing tools

In this tutorial, we in detail described what you’ll need to create a good-quality video. It works all the same with lessons, vlogs or anything else – good camera, mike and editing tools will make your video stronger and more professional. Recording your material in good quality will give the final video a big advantage.ConsistencyKeep up with regular posting and activity, create new engaging tasks and involve your audience in the process of learning. Videos are not the only way to keep activity, you can post engaging quiz in YouTube Community or Instagram Stories; set notifications and premieres to your videos, so your audience can keep your lessons in mind.

Use educational design

Educational videos that have suitable design and draw attention are winning over videos, that don’t; whether it’s an educational video for kids, or an advanced guide for adults. Adding engaging animated info bars, titles and infographics will make your videos more interesting and easy to digest.Our team have created a pack of video templates YouTube Education, with 150+ animated templates for more than 15 Categories from Next Episodes to Lower Thirds. They will suit to any type of educational video, whether it’s a tutorial or a historical documentary.

You can easily change colors and text, use wide Sound Fx and Icons libraries.

Nowadays, educational are most watched videos all over the world. Easy to digest, they are watched by audience all over the world of any age and save a lot of time. Creating good lessons will give you a chance to help viewers, promote any product and get your own permanent audience. We’re sure that you will create amazing videos, considering your audience, the platform videos will be placed and communicate with your viewers. Good luck with the creation!

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